"...are you experienced?"


The Answers!

 Q: Where are you located?
A: Comix Experience is located at 305 Divisadero St. (at Page) in the city of San Francisco. You can find a map in the Visit Us page on this website.

 Q: What are your hours?

A: 11-7 Monday-Saturday, Sunday 12-5

 Q: Do you buy comics?

A: Sometimes.  However, when we do it is for fixed and flat rate of fifty cents a pound. Of course, one should call first before bringing your books in; sometimes we get overstocked and need to suspend buying until we sell down our back issue supply.

Seriously: CALL FIRST. (415) 863-9258.

Depending on the comic, this averages out to approximately five cents a book. We never ever vary from this scheme, regardless of what the comic is, or how old it is (if you've got pre-'62 comics, sell them on eBay) -- we have a freight scale that we'll plop your comics on, sight-unseen.

At this point in the conversation, things usually go one of two ways. Either the caller thanks us profusely (no one WANTS to sell their comics, after all), or they start screaming obscenities at us, and accuse us of "ripping them off".

Well, no.

I mean, first off, selling comics is a mutual transaction. We can't "rip you off" if YOU are agreeing to sell them for that price....

But, more importantly, most old comics aren't worth a thing. No, honestly.

If you walk in to a comic shop with 100 comics, odds are fabulous they'll pick out 1, maybe 2 of your books, and offer you a realistic fraction of their selling price, and the other 98 comics they won't give you one thin dime for.

We started this policy when I went to sell my LPs. I went to 14 different SF record shops trying to sell my albums. Each took 2 or 3. By the time I made it to the last shop, I still had more than 80% of my collection left, and I had spent five hours of my life to make maybe $50. Yuck. I would have KILLED to find a place that would buy everything for a flat rate.

Think about it this way: your time is worth money. MY time is worth (at least) $50/hour. Looking at it from that POV, I LOST $200 selling my albums.

If you think 50 cents a pound isn't enough for your comics, you've got many options: You could donate them to charity, and take the write-off from your taxes; you could go from store-to-store and see what you might get; you could go onto e-bay (or the like), and sell them that way....

But, again, if you spend an hour of your time scanning, listing and tracking the comic you're selling, have you actually made any money?

For what it is worth, the "average" back issue is sold at CE in sets -- for prices that range around 25 cents a book. Single-copy (bagged and boarded) comics almost always go for 25 cents above cover price, and in the insanely rare circumstance where we look something up in a guide, we almost always price it at 50% or less of Overstreet.

The upside for you, is that we'll buy basically anything. I can think of less than 2 times when we've turned down a collection... and that was because they were coverless. We reserve the right to say "no" to multiple copies of Valiant or Ultraverse books, and we'll also turn down other retailers....but other than that, we'll take all your comics, when we're buying, which isn't that often -- CALL FIRST!

 Q: Do you have a subscription service? (also known as "pull and hold" or "saver box" depending on where you're from.)

A: Yes! Our Point-Of-Sale system tracks all pulls and orders, so it is astonishingly accurate. We have no minimum number of titles that you must order, but you must arrange for payment at least once a month. We offer standing order service, and we also produce our own, free, in-store magazine (Comix Experience: Onomatopoeia, or CEO for short) that list each month's new releases so you can conveniently add books.

Subscriptions require a valid credit card as a deposit. We currently offer subscribers a 10% rebate on their next purchase, applying to anything you buy, whether preordered or not. Please come into the store for more details.

 Q: When can I order straight from the web-site?

A: Never. This ia "business-card" site, not for "e-commerce."

Still, if you're looking for something, feel free to e-mail an inquiry to Brian (brian@comixexperience.com). We'll take care of you the best as we can.

 Q: I'm a creator, will you buy my comic directly from me?

A: You should feel free to mail a sample to Brian Hibbs, Comix Experience, 305 Divisadero St., San Francisco, CA, 94117, and we can evaluate it.  If you are a local Bay Area cartoonist, please stop by -- it is very rare that we do not accept everything from local creators.

In most cases, though, we're only willing to take books directly on consignment: 50/50 split upon sale, you take care of any shipping both ways. We'll throw out that rule for superlative comics, but then why aren't you distributing through Diamond, Last Gasp, or Haven?

 Q: I'm a creator, can I do a signing at your store?

A: Feel free to e-mail Brian (Brian@comixexperience.com), and we can discuss it. Over the decades we've hosted a lot of events, and are always looking for the right event that will draw a lot of attention, but it has to be special and fit in with our clientele.  We're happy to talk with you, though.

 Q: I have some other question you haven't answered, you heartless bastard!

A: Cut me some slack!  Ask your question to brian@comixexperience.com, and we'll do our best to accommodate you. Hell, maybe we'll even add it to the FAQ!

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